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Eska Brunker
Co-Founder, President/CEO

Es-Oldokh, (Eska for short), co-founder, received her Master’s of Arts in history and political science from the Pedagogical University of Irkutsk and Master of Arts in Linguistics from Mongolian State University. She had worked as a Vice-Principal of Zuunkharaa Junior High School for 4 years and taught English classes to Mongolian youth at the prestigious Mongolian Children’s Palace for 2 years. At the same time, she has also served as a Mongolian language instructor, tutor by the Peace Corps and U. S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar. She had created Mongolian-English mini dictionary with audio tapes for her students. In 2007 she and her daughter founded “Bi Mongol” translates to “I am Mongolian”, a quarterly newsletter serving Mongolian-American youth with purposes to preserve traditional Mongolian folklore, literature, artwork, etc.  Eska is drawn to helping children’s education and create brighter future for them.

Vision: Children and Youth flourish to be successful leaders of the 21st century.

Mission: “Ger” Youth Center is dedicated to supporting, promoting and educating children and youth through educational and cultural programs to assist them in achieving their highest potential.

Values: We value respect, dignity, kindness and integrity.